SARITAS endeavours to achieve continuous development of business and individual competence through communication, creation of networks of people and effective information sharing. Using modern technologies in every process, SARITAS offers a challenging working environment to its well-trained and experienced staff. Disposition and organization, efficiency and perfection is the essence of our business.

All employees are insured against accidents on 24 hours basis and all service center workers are certificated to use production lines, forklifts, cranes, etc.

Fitness center and other social facilities are the evidences of SARITAS’s philosophy which can be summarized as “Quality in every field of life”.
SARITAS has a certain training policy for its employee. Training programmes are, scheduled on year basis, to encourage and improve abilities of the staff in every departments of the company.

Starting from employment date with orientation, all employees gets training both related and unrelated fields of his profession. These trainings can be given by experts outside the company as well. Abroad trainings can be arranged in cooperation with main suppliers and manufacturers of SARITAS’s production lines depending on the subject.

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