L O N G   P R O D U C T S   S E R V I C E   C E N T E R

In Long Product Service Center, flat bar and other vertical and horizantal saw productions can be done since settlement in 2010.

Flat Bar Production
We provide flat bars with our grinding, pvc coating, and automatic packing system for the first time in our country in both standard and custom sizes.

Thick. Range Min.Width Max. Width Max. Length
0,70 - 250 mm15 mm250 mm8000 mm

Flat Bars / Square-Rectangular Tubes

Grinding Range Max. Length
10 - 150 mm 6000 mm
< 100 kg
Tube Polishing

Grinding Range Max. Length
Ø 12 - 120 mm 6000 mm
Horizontal Saw
We can cut various thickness or diameter in non-standard sizes of pipes, profiles, sheets and bars with our horizontal saw.

Thick. Range Max.Length
Ø10 - Ø410 mm 10-8550 mm
10x8 mm- 500x400 mm
Vertical Saw
Square and rectangular flat bar production up to 6000 mm in length can be made by our vertical saw. In this production process 90-degree vertical edges can be obtained.

Thick. Range Min.Width Max. Width Max. Length
10 -250 mm 10 mm 2500 mm 6000 mm


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